The HB-1 was also featured in major articles by German (Image Hif-Fi and Stereoplay magazines) as well as publications in Spain, Italy, France, and Hong Kong. Kiso Acoustic participated in many audio shows in the USA (CES & T.H.E. SHOW), Germany, Spain, Hong Kong etc. It gained an elite following in several countries. Despite being so small, but quite expensive, it found an audience who truly could appreciate the astonishing performance this speaker is capable of. Many listeners agreed that this is a one-of-a-kind speaker capable of emulating musical instruments and projecting voices and instruments into listening rooms in a way no other loudspeaker has done before.

The HB-1's cabinet is made entirely out of single-layered tone wood. Most HB-1 have been made of mahogany, while smaller quantities have been made in Hawaiian Koa, and maple. Since the surface you see is a part of the wood, and not a "finish", the tone of the entire loudspeaker is to a great extent made of the kind of tone wood each version is made from. The Hawaiian Koa would have a bold, lifelike character, while the maple version would present a bit sharper image projecting super-clear sound into the listening space. The mahogany has always been an "all-rounder" delivering musicality in a highly appreciative way, so most customers have chosen this "standard version" that will fit well into most room decors, and it also will match well with the audio components, be it tube amplification or transistor, analog source components or digital.

Despite the introduction of the even higher grade model HB-X1 in 2013, the HB-1 has been retained in the line-up because it provides such an excellent foundation and enjoyable level of performance at a somewhat more moderate price point.

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